The Why Special - do you ask why? How else can you ask questions that get results?

March 22, 2019
"Why?" is an incredibly popular question.
I think it has problems. I try to avoid it when I'm consulting.
In this show we will examine "Why?" and under what circumstances I do use it.
"Why?" is almost a default question because it can take the place of every other question. It is easy to ask. We don't even need to know what answer we want. It's also a very ambiguous question, and when we ask why there is a risk that people try to read into our motivation, and that people might take offence.
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What is Software Testing? A look at definitions, my definitions, models and why you should create your own.

March 1, 2019
What is Software Testing?
A Hard Question. But many people want easy answers. In this episode we look at:
- popular definitions for interview answers
- how definitions can help
- definitions are models
- your definition will change, and should change over time
- my working definition, how it changes and how it helps me
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The Finding Tools Special - tactics and strategies for choosing testing tools

February 20, 2019

Have you ever built a tool list?

Yes? Me too. I don't any more. And in this show I explain why, and what I do instead.


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The Workarounds Special - how to bend the rules rather than break them

September 7, 2018
Have you ever used a workaround to get something done?
You betcha. In this show I describe some examples and how important they have been in my testing and my career. And some of the risks you face when you use them.
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The Rejection Special - strategies and tactics for when you get pushback

May 1, 2018

In this podcast we talk about Rejection.

You will receive rejection in many parts of your life. Happens to everyone. Everyone. The important thing is how you react to it. It is possible to allow a rejection to knock you flat and suck the motivation out of you so you give up. You have to understand that that reaction is a choice. And giving up, is probably the wrong choice.

In this podcast we will cover other choices you can make and strategies you can adopt to deal with and handle rejection.

* How to develop resilience
* How to handle rejection
* Sales is “get the right offer, in front of the right person, at the right time”.
* Rejection is built in to the sales process.
* Nature abhors a vacuum how to avoid doubts filling a confidence vacuum


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New Year Special 2018 - setting goals and following through rather than resolutions

January 4, 2018
How to use your Testing Skills to define goals and plans - The Evil Tester Show - New Year Special 2018

In this show you will learn:

- What is a resolution?
- why do you want it?
- how your beliefs help you
- how your testing skills help you define goals and create action plans
- Big goals or small goals?
- how to explore progress on goals as value add chunks
- Prioritise and learn to say NO
- Books for Questioning - The Structure of Magic - vols 1 and 2
- see also "NLP for Testers"

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Black Friday Special - thoughts on automating, confidence and options

November 24, 2017
In this Black Friday Special of The Evil Tester Show Podcast we consider lessons we can learn from discount sales, retail under pressure, and confidence tricksters and expert provocateurs.
We discuss:
- The Black Friday Software Testing Game
- Oracles
- Observation
- Evidence
- Belief
- UK Sale of Goods Act - what is a sale?
- What is an expert?
- How to communicate like an expert
- Automating through the GUI
- Options for Automating
- Testing for Confidence
- Communicating Confidence
- You can be confident that something is wrong
- Confidence doesn't mean Goodness 

Provocative Therapy and Quality Coaches - getting to the root of Agile Testing

November 10, 2017

The book Provocative Therapy has had a big impact on my life as a tester and a consultant. Also I want to discuss the Tester's Role in Modern Software Development and the current vogue for Quality Coaches (that might be a bit provocative)

- What is provocative therapy?
- The Goals of provocative therapy
- Humour in provocative therapy
- How to use provocative therapy as a consultant
- What is the tester's role in modern software development?
- Why are people confused about a Tester's role on Agile?
- Why is Agile Testing Hard?
- Why will Quality Coaching help?
- What does a tester really do?
- What makes a good tester different from other people on an Agile team?
- What are the dangers with Test Coaches?
- How do we define our own role on Agile Projects?
- What does a tester do on Agile Projects?
- Can programmer's test their own code?

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Halloween Special 2017 - seeking out and dealing with anomalous phenomena

October 23, 2017
We are in the Uncertainty Business.
We find and investigate anomalous Phenomena
Anomalous - "deviating from what is standard, normal, or expected."
We are part of a long tradition of Anomalous Phenomena seekers.