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Provocative Therapy and Quality Coaches - getting to the root of Agile Testing

November 10, 2017

The book Provocative Therapy has had a big impact on my life as a tester and a consultant. Also I want to discuss the Tester's Role in Modern Software Development and the current vogue for Quality Coaches (that might be a bit provocative)

- What is provocative therapy?
- The Goals of provocative therapy
- Humour in provocative therapy
- How to use provocative therapy as a consultant
- What is the tester's role in modern software development?
- Why are people confused about a Tester's role on Agile?
- Why is Agile Testing Hard?
- Why will Quality Coaching help?
- What does a tester really do?
- What makes a good tester different from other people on an Agile team?
- What are the dangers with Test Coaches?
- How do we define our own role on Agile Projects?
- What does a tester do on Agile Projects?
- Can programmer's test their own code?

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